Actress is concerned about quick-fix procedures


Kate Winslet isn’t keen on the idea of Botox and plastic surgery.

The Titanic star admits she’d rather have a naturally expressive face so that she can convey emotions when acting.

‘If I’m frowning, I want to frown!’ says Kate, 38.

‘It would be nice to have my face look normal and not slightly wonky. But that’s the other thing – it’s nice to look different.

‘Sometimes I feel as though everyone’s looking a bit the same.’

Kate, who recently welcomed her third child Bear with husband Ned Rocknroll, wants to see a change in attitude over how people look.

‘Wouldn’t it be lovely if we all felt confident enough within ourselves to just live with it and get on with actually having a life and being happy without searching for some kind of quick-fix happiness?’ the actress says.

‘We’ve made an adjustment to our faces that only makes us feel better when we look in the mirror.’

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