The classical star says threatening Tweets forced her to quash allegations of an affair with Becks

Katherine Jenkins says the volume of Tweets from people asking her if she’d had an affair with David Beckham forced her into making a statement denying the ridiculous rumour.

‘I was getting maybe 5 Tweets a minute. It got to the point where my friends were being asked about it in the street and I was getting death threats. People Tweeted that if it was true they were going to kill me,’ Katherine reveals.

The singer, 32, has yet to see David and Victoria Beckham since her denial and appears a little uneasy about meeting them again.

‘My PR spoke to their people and I think everybody is happy with the way it was handled so…who knows?’ Katherine tells Fabulous.

‘It is what it is and it would be nice if we could all just put it to rest.’

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