Welsh soprano wishes she could repeat the trick at will

Accomplished soprano, emblem of the Welsh rugby team and now a Debbie Harry lookalike: is there no end to Katherine Jenkins’ talents?

Even though she was battling a head cold on the day of our exclusive shoot, the 27-year-old offered to make tea. Bless!

So is it true Katherine’s friends with Charlotte Church?

‘Yes, she’s a great girl – what you see is what you get,’ she says. ‘I was once even mistaken for her. I was on holiday in Marbella and a bloke came up and said: “You’re Welsh and you sing opera, don’t you?”

‘When I said yes, he turned to his mates and said: “I knew it, lads – it’s Charlotte Church!”‘

Katherine has an extraordinary voice herself and as a teenager, managed to shatter a chandelier.

‘I was 18 and performing a solo with my college choir,’ she recalls. ‘When I hit the high notes, I heard a huge crack like a gunshot and the audience ducked as bits of glass flew down from the ceiling!

‘I haven’t done it since, which is a real shame – I’d love it to be my party trick.’

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Hear Katherine sing in this video…