With her marriage to Tom Cruise under pressure, she turns to Chris Klein


After renewing her friendship with former fiancé Chris Klein, it’s no surprise that Katie Holmes is keen to keep it from husband Tom Cruise.

She’s secretly been calling her ex to complain about her marriage woes, Now can reveal.

The actress has been pouring out her heart to her former love in a series of late night phone calls.

32, has confided that she can’t get along with ‘stressed’ Tom and has been arguing with him about everything from Scientology to their efforts 
to have a second child.

The star faced an embarrassing moment recently when she and Tom came face-to-face with Chris at a Golden Globes party at the glitzy Chateau Marmont hotel.

A source close to the couple says: ‘It was horrible because she had to pretend she hadn’t noticed him.’

‘Chris seemed to understand and didn’t approach her. It was 
a tense moment: Katie was worried Tom would guess she was back in touch with Chris.’

Tom has a long-running loathing of Katie’s friendship with her first love Chris, who she was engaged to for almost two years before calling it off in 2005.

Our source says: ‘Tom would be very upset if he knew they were talking as much as they are. Katie goes to great lengths to only contact Chris when Tom‘s not around.

‘He seems very stressed. He has a lot on his plate, including some exhausting reshoots for his new film Knight And Day and worrying about the Oscars next month. He seems resentful that he’s never won an Academy Award and takes out his frustration on everyone else.

‘He’s driving friends away. 
It’s no coincidence that they haven’t seen the Beckhams 
for ages. No one wants to be around Tom when he’s in a 
foul mood.

When Katie feels down, she often contacts Chris. He’s a good listener and she’s very grateful he’s there to hold her hand. She just hopes Tom doesn’t find out.’

See the full story about Katie Holmes and Chris Klein in Now Magazine dated 22 February 2010 – out now!