Marc Headley says Jennifer Garner, Jessica Alba and Scarlett Johansson were Top 3

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ marriage has been rocked by claims that she was his 4th choice of bride.

A former senior Scientologist came forward last week to claim 100 women were ‘auditioned’ to be Mrs Cruise.

According to the bizarre claims by Marc Headley, the cult drew up a wish list of desirable ‘leading ladies’ and invited them to casting sessions for a film that never existed.

Jennifer Garner, Jessica Alba and Scarlett Johansson were were all ahead of Katie in the running.

Marc was involved in making promotional Scientology videos at the time and says it was only after officials read an interview with Katie in which she said she’d like to marry Tom that they decided to audition her, too.

Jennifer and Jessica had already declined, he says, and Scarlett got as far as the audition before realising it was being held at the Scientology Center in Hollywood and changed her mind.

‘Katie came to the audition in a car that was a mess – food wrappers and soda cans all over the floor,’ Marc says.

‘So Tom had the car cleaned up. He took her for a ride on his motorcycle and then they flew off for dinner on his private jet. He gave her a book on Scientology and pretty soon they were holed up at her place.’

The pair had baby Suri in April 2006 and married that November.

Tom’s publicist Julie Polkes has said the claims by Marc Headley were ‘completely false’.

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