Katie Hopkins is up to her usual antics, and this time it's the Celebrity Big Brother housemates feeling her wrath...

Is the world EVER safe from the wrath of Katie Hopkins?! In short, no. Absolutely not. Never in a blue moon. Possibly in a month of Sundays.

So if you thought the Celebrity Big Brother house mates would have at least had a chance to grab a cuppa and unpack their toiletries on arrival to the house before Katie launched into her usual tirade then you were very much mistaken.

And of course Katie, 40, kept her tongue as razor sharp as ever during last nights CBB launch, preoccupying herself with her usual antics.

By the looks of things, a number of the house mates did find themselves under Katie‘s branch of (very exclusive) ‘not bad’ celebrities.

Last night saw Katie getting *very* Tweet-happy, as she ran her own online Hopkins Celebrity Big Brother commentary. A self confessed fat-shamer, CBB housmate Fatman Scoop was heavy under Hopkins’ firing line- ‘Fat Man Scoop? Darling, you need to #eatlessmovemore @FatClub10000 They want to see you? They can’t bloody miss you #CBB #CBBUK’

Katie (who clearly missed the ‘if you have nothing nice to say’ memo) didn’t entirely get away with her comments, as many Twitter users replied with messages of defence for 35-year-old-Scoop, ‘But then he wouldn’t be “fatman scoop” he’d be “not so fatman scoop”. Just doesn’t work, love’, ‘omg stop being nasty!’, ‘that old chestnut again Katie! Your fat jibes are getting quite boring now, zzzzz’. 

And Fatman Scoop wasn’t the only poor soul to fall victim to the Hopkins, with Katie likening poor Dan Baldwin and his beard to her ‘lady garden’. And we’re sorry, because we understand it is far to late in the week to be reading things like this. Could these mental images ruin our weekend? Very, very likely.

Oh Katie- you are an absolute nightmare.

Alice Perry