From size 8 to size 16 see Katie Hopkins' AMAZING transformation

When Katie Hopkins piled on three and a half stone and got ‘fat’ for a TV documentary she expected the most shocking part of the process to be her changing body.

Instead she has surprised even herself by what has been by far the most difficult part of the process – how emotional it’s made her feel.

The controversial columnist confesses it’s hard to make her cry – she didn’t cry on her wedding day, there were no tears even when she had her three babies.

But over the past three months Katie, 39, reveals she has been an emotional wreck.

The former Apprentice star has gone from 8st 8lb and a dress size 8 to almost 12st and a size 16 and in a matter of days she will start losing it all again in a social experiment to prove that overweight people CAN lose weight, simply by eating healthily and pulling on their trainers.

On paper the project sounded easy. But the mouthy TV star, who has been eating an astonishing 6,500 calories A DAY, admits she has found the process of seeing her body change more upsetting than she was prepared for.

‘You think it’s a physical transformation, that’s what I thought when I
signed up for this project but actually it’s been much more of a mental
exercise,’ she said on ITV’s This Morning this week.

The star, whose weight gain mostly sits on her tummy, joked that
one of the TV researchers behind the scenes had congratulated her on
being pregnant.

Watching an emotional clip from her upcoming TLC documentary, in which she breaks down in tears as she reels off the HUGE amount of food she ate that day, she admits it’s hard to watch.

But in a rare moment of self-awareness, she adds: ‘I do see that and think “there are more people with bigger problems than you so stop snivelling over eating a few Mars bars”.’

So has the woman who believes fat people are, in general, just lazy and full of excuses, revealed a softer side? Surely not!

Katie wrote in The Sun: ‘I now understand my girlfriends in tears before going out, saying they have nothing to wear. They mean they don’t feel nice in anything.

‘I understand feeling self-conscious about how you look. I can empathise with being fat because I am fat. And it is hard.’

Whether this softer side will still be there after she’s lost her softer figure is yet to be known…

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