Katie Hopkins took to Twitter to thank those that helped her following an unknown incident that left her with a 'smashed face'

We’re sending get well soon vibes to Katie Hopkins today after the TV star and columnist revealed she had been left with a ‘smashed face’ following an unknown incident.


An ambulance was called to aid the outspoken star by her taxi driver, with paramedics treating the star with gas and air.

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The former Apprentice winner revealed the news on Twitter, where she shared a snap from the scene that showed an apparently bloody mouthpiece, with the paramedics’ kit visible in the background. Eek.

Alongside the snap, she thanked the emergency services and the taxi driver who had called the ambulance on her behalf, and waited with her until it arrived.

Katie wrote: ‘To @joejohnpayne for calling & London Ambulance for coming. I thank you. Gas & air + a side order of smashed face.’

She later thanks taxi driver Joe Payne again, retweeting a message of support he sent her after the incident and writing: ‘London’s black cabs – the second emergency service. Thank you. #saveourblackcabs.’

It’s currently unclear what happened for Katie’s face getting smashed up, although the star is known to suffer from epilepsy.

Earlier this year she revealed she would undergo brain surgery in an attempt to control to condition – which, she told The Sun, causes her to suffer three or four seizures every night and sometimes causes her to dislocate both her arms.

Unbelievably, she was TROLLED on the back of her tweets.

One user wrote: ‘Damn….you were saved ha.’

Another added: ‘LMFAO! you tweet like u want sympathy yet if this had happened to sum1 else ud be laughin and cussin them!!! UR A JOKE!’

A third commented: ‘Shame it wasn’t an Uber driver….he would have left you and done us a favour.’

And someone else tweeted lovely Joe the taxi driver, saying: ‘Should have left her in the gutter mate!’

Umm, maybe give her a break guys?