Peter Andre we'd hide that frozen Iceland leg of lamb if we were you

Katie Hopkins is at it again – this time she’s insulting Peter Andre.

The Sun columnist lashed out at Pete‘s role on the Iceland adverts, calling for him to be hit over the head…with a frozen leg of lamb.

Peter Andre has come in many guises,’ Katie writes. ‘There’s the warbling six-pack wanting a Mysterious Girl, the poor sod married to Katie Price, the fat dad with issues and the slimmed-down version starring in his own documentary.

‘But none have been so singularly irritating as Peter Andre: Man of Iceland. His adverts make me want to snatch a frozen leg of lamb in-store – and club him about the head with it.’

Whatever you might think of Katie she’s dab hand at a put down.

Peter was under fire after suggesting on panel show Celebrity Juice that he was ’embarrassed’ by his role in the supermarket ads recently, leading many fans calling for him to be sacked.

And it seems Katie would also be pretty glad to be rid of him. Poor Pete!

Katie was causing more outrage this week and was labelled attention-seeking, antagonising and trying too hard after saying police officer Darren Wilson should ‘get a medal’ for shooting unarmed black teenager Michael Brown who she called ‘a thief and a thug’.

She took to Twitter to give her two cents on the Ferguson case after a grand jury decided not to indict the police officer over the killing in Missouri, United States.

And it’s nothing we wouldn’t expect of her. Katie‘sspecialty is courting controversy by telling people what she thinks. Bluntly.

Some of other most outspoken moments include saying that she doesn’t like children with ‘lower class’ names such as Charmaine, Chantelle, Chardonnay and Tyler and that she’s stopped her own offspring from playing with them.

Just 24 hours after a Scottish helicopter crash she Tweeted: ‘Life expectancy in Scotland based 07/08 birth is 59.5. Goodness me. That lot will do anything to avoid working until retirement.’

She later apologised for its ‘poor timing’. 

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