Katie Hopkins reveals all about her ex Celebrity Big Brother housemate in Now's exclusive interview

Katie Hopkins entered the Celebrity Big Brother house the most hated and controversial woman in Britain – and she was perfectly comfortable with that, thank you very much. What the 40-year-old didn’t expect was to come second and for the public to develop guilty pleasure levels of love towards her. ‘Argh, it’s sooo awkward,’ she laughs as we tease her about secretly being a nice person.

Not that Katie Price, 36, agrees, last week branding her rival ‘a disgusting human being’ on This Morning and saying she’d be ‘ashamed’ if she were her parent. But Katie Hopkins is never one to hold back, which is why we’re proud to announce she’s joining Team Now as our controversial- yet-caring columnist. And to kick off, in this explosive interview she reveals the shocking bits the CBB cameras didn’t show…

You complained Katie Price was boring – why do you think she went in the house?
I’ve no idea! Her boob was really badly infected. I saw a 2in hole under her boob that the implant was falling out of – it was bad, but the surgeon let her in. She’s been on crazy amounts of antibiotics since November – and taking ibuprofen and paracetamol every other hour just to deal with the pain – yet she went in that house.

Did you get any idea of what she’s actually like?
She’s very insecure. She’s terrified – unless she’s dressed up as Pricey, in Pricey mode, she’s not confident. She’s a frightened person. She says she won’t go to the toilet on her own in a restaurant, she doesn’t like to stand at a bar and pay for something and she won’t go out to dinner with someone new. She imagines she’s going to lose her tongue – not in the ‘cat’s got your tongue’ sense
– she physically imagines swallowing her tongue.

That’s really sad…
She’s really a nervous person, so you’d expect her to put on the full-on Pricey every day in the house in order to exist, but she just didn’t.

Kavana said she spoke about wanting to reconcile with Peter Andre. Did she ever speak to
you about that?
She said at the moment they only speak through lawyers – which is pretty bonkers considering the kids see him every week – and she’d like to get to the point where they can speak themselves. She doesn’t even have Pete’s mobile number. She says it’s to stop incoming calls, but I imagine it’s to stop her outgoing ones. Kieran [Hayler] is the one who deals with him over anything to do with the children. It’s really weird.

Did she mention Peter’s fiancée Emily McDonagh?
Well, there’s got to be some grating there. I imagine Emily would annoy her because people perceive Pete as coming out of the divorce as the nicer guy. I don’t know if that’s true and that’s not something she’s said, but I get the impression she feels Pete looks better and now he’s got the perfect partner. And I guess Emily being a doctor when Katie isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed has to hurt.

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