Katie Hopkins is out of the Celebrity Big Brother house and celebrating her 40th, in quite a surprising way

Just one week after leaving the Celebrity Big Brother house, controversial Katie Hopkins is already moving onto her next milestone.

The feisty TV star turns 40 TODAY.

In an exclusive video for Now to mark the big day, Katie spews out one of her most shocking lines so far.

That, er, CBB presenter Emma Willis is essentially the same age.

With just over one year between the pair, the mum-of-three reveals she finds the differences in their appearances quite funny.

‘It’s a little bit awkward because obviously she looks fantastic and I guess I look like a wrinkled old prune. But I’m okay with it, it’s quite funny,’ Katie says in our video.

While discussing just how exactly she’s going to celebrate the landmark age, the self-proclaimed ‘most hated woman in Britain’ continued to show some of that ‘inner-beauty’ her Celebrity Big Brother BFF Michelle Visage discovered during their stay in the house.

‘I’m not comfortable with doing birthday parties for myself. I feel a little awkward with the attention all coming to me,’ Katie explains.

‘As one of my girlfriends lost her father just before Christmas we’re going to have a party for her so she can enjoy Christmas now because obviously she had a very upsetting time in December.’

Maybe Hopkins really does have a heart after all? It’s very rare you see such a selfless gesture coming from the celebrity world.

Katie then continues to explain how that’d be the only way she’d feel comfortable celebrating the big day, and then goes on to offer some words of advice to any similar aged Now readers approaching their naughty forties.

‘I’d say to everybody that’s 40 that they should just go for it,’ she advises. ‘You only get one chance at this thing!’

And on that note, Happy Birthday Katie!

We have absolutely no doubt you’ll continue going for it… bring it on.

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