Brilliant! It's the third installment of At Home With Katie Hopkins, and she has some sharp words for Perez Hilton

It may have been two weeks since Celebrity Big Brother came to an end, but it’s hard to forget the many twists and turns which made it the most shocking series ever.

And one person who hasn’t quite forgotten is Katie Hopkins who lived through the ordeal of living with her much despised celebrity housemate Perez Hilton.

Chatting about her CBB experiences during our At Home With Katie Hopkins five-part video series, today in our third instalment the reality show runner-up lets rip at enemy Perez following one of his most shocking comments of the whole series.

Yep, the moment when he said that if he was one of Katie Hopkins’ children ‘he’d kill himself.’

Something the mum-of-three is keen to respond to.

‘If he did top himself, he’d do the world a favour,’ she says. ‘I feel for his son. He doesn’t have a balance or someone else to look up to, he only has Perez.’

Other than shaming her former housemate, controversial Katie also shows her much softer side when discussing returning home to her three children and husband Mark Cross.

‘Being away helps you learn to spend less time focusing on the moans and groans, and more time appreciating them,’ she says, showing a softer side.

‘When I left the house the kids came to stay with me. And instead of wanting to go out into London they just wanted us all to stay together in the room and just hold on to me.’

Three, two, one… aww!

There are many things you can say about the outspoken star, but it’s moments like that which remind you that away from the controversial comments and ‘hated’ persona – Katie is just a loving mother whose kids truly do adore her.

Can we see more of this side of La Hopkins from now on please?

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