In this week’s Now column, Katie reveals how her unplanned pregnancy was the best thing that ever happened to her

For many women when to have a baby is not an easy decision. In fact for most women, just whether they actually want one can be an agonising choice to make, especially if they are enjoying progressing in successful careers or are just happy with the way their lives are.

In her column in this week’s Now magazine, Katie Hopkins acknowledges the struggle that many women of childbearing age face, but says, like it or not you can’t have it all. Something needs to give – the career or the family and it’s best to put the career on hold for a bit while you’re younger, rather than jeopardise your chances of having children in the future.

Speaking of her own experience of getting pregnant at 28, Katie Hopkins admits it was a huge shock that she wasn’t happy about to begin with. She had an amazing job, an apartment in Manhattan and had just had an amazing promotion at work.

In this week’s column she writes: ‘When I think about having children before 35, I think chance did me a favour. I was 10 weeks pregnant when I realised something was missing and had gained twice the boobs I used to have. Even then, I refused to believe the little blue line on the stick. I threw myself on the floor, yelled, cried, screamed. This baby was not planned.’

Later though she realised it was the best thing that could have happened.

‘12 years on and three children later, I am so grateful I had them when I did. Every day I meet women my age rocketing up the career ladder but weighed down with a heavy heart and a partner and parents knocking on her ovaries, hoping for a baby to answer.’

Check out the video above and read this week’s Now to see Katie Hopkins’ advice for women considering having children.

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