Uh-oh - Katie Hopkins has some shocking words (and some surprise compliments) for the new Celebrity Big Brother stars

Celebrity Big Brother is proving to be as fascinating and controversial as ever this series and one lady with unsurprisingly strong views on it all is former housemate Katie Hopkins.

The Apprentice star – who finished as runner-up on the show earlier this year after losing out to Katie Price in the final – has given her verdict on the latest batch of contestants and even we’re a bit taken aback by how brutal she’s been.

One CBB star very much in the firing life is Atomic Kitten singer and mum-of-four Natasha Hamilton, who Katie has compared to a virus AND labelled ‘brain dead’ – ouch.

‘Tougher than you think, Tash will spread herself all over anyone to survive in the house. Much like Ebola,’ Katie, 40, tells The Sun.

‘Get her out. Reunited girl band members are always brain dead with a baby or three in tow (see Kerry Katona for more details).’

Er, say what you think eh, Katie?! Ms Hopkins is equally as harsh about American Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham.

‘She appears to be completely dead behind the eyes and I suspect she is plugged in overnight to recharge,’ says Katie.

Also in the firing line are Janice Dickinson, who she’s labelled a ‘witch’ that resembles ‘a melted Jackie Stallone’, and Celebrity Big Brother resident lovebirds Stevi Ritchie and Chloe-Jasmine Whichello, a couple that apparently make Katie want to ‘vomit’. Nice.

And even though Pricey isn’t in the house this time around, Katie H has still managed to make a swipe at her old nemesis by suggesting that Katie P had luxury treatment during their time in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

After discussing how Jenna Jameson’s kosher fridge could become a ‘source of friction’, Katie says: ‘Special treatment always creates tension in the house – just like Patsy Kensit’s spray tans or Katie Price’s blow-dries.’ Eek!

Surprisingly Ms Hopkins did have a few compliments to give to some contestants. She admits to becoming ‘increasingly fond’ of James Hill and thinks he could win the show, whilst US boy Austin Armacost has got Katie declaring herself to be ‘#TeamAustin all the way’. Blimey.

Will Austin remain Katie’s favourite as the show continues? Something tells us she’s probably not going to switch allegiance to Natasha somehow…

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Anna Francis