Katie Hopkins describes the night-time fits that force her to be hospitalised

Love her or hate her – and lots of people do hate her – Katie Hopkins is one kiss-ass lady.

If we put aside all her scathing comments on Twitter (and, go on, admit it, some of her remarks ARE funny), the ex Apprentice star has revealed that she does have a ‘weaker’ side – she has been secretly battling epilepsy for years.

In fact her condition is so bad that she suffers from night seizures that are so severe they often leave her arms dislocated.

Katie admits that she sees the condition – which affects more than 500,000 people in the UK – a ‘weakness’ which is why she prefers not to talk about it.

She revealed: ‘I am epileptic. I see it as a weakness, always have done, which is why I hid it for more years than I care to remember.’

The 39-year-old mum of three says she now takes enough medication to ‘floor an elephant’ but despite this she can’t do anything to prevent herself from fitting during the night.

She said: ‘My night time fits remain uncontrolled…My epilepsy sometimes dislocates my arms in the night. It has done 28 times in the past 12 months.

‘But the next day I am up running, back at it, proving to my family everything was OK so Mum wouldn’t worry.’

Doctors advise that it is important for epileptics to stay healthy and exercise regularly to make living with it easier, which makes Katie’s current project all the more impressive.

The controversial columnist is currently gorging on food to supersize her figure for a documentary on obesity.

Katie has seen her weight go from 8st 8lbs to 12st in just three months by eating a whopping 6,500 calories a day.

The weight gain has upset her so much she’s admitted she sometimes cries about her changing body.

She tweeted: ‘My liver is angry, my weight is over, my waist hip ratio is obese, my knees are killing & I can’t sleep.’

OMG! Katie Hopkins has put on 3 STONE…and actually looks better

Victoria Kennedy