Katie Hopkins reveals a softer side as she pays sweet tribute to parents in open letter, and admits to being a 'nightmare daughter'

Has Katie Hopkins actually turned soft once and for all? The TV star showed off an almost unrecognisable sweeter side in an moving open letter to her mum and dad on their wedding anniversary.

In the tribute, which appears in her latest Sun column today, Katie discusses her mum’s cancer, making her own mistakes and how she was a ‘nightmare daughter’ – as she marks her parents’ long, selfless marriage.



‘I am a nightmare daughter. I will never be married 44 years. Even if you work on a cumulative basis,’ she wrote. ‘I know you’ve been brave all your 44 years together to give your children a chance to be happy.’

Katie revealed emotional memories of when her mum’s cancer spread. ‘I’ve never told you, Dad, but I heard you that night when you came back to Granny’s from the hospital,’ she recalled. ‘I heard you howling, struck down by your hurting heart.When it all went quiet and I came down, you washed your face and pretended you were OK. ‘

The 40-year-old also talked about her failed marriage. ‘You were also right about my first marriage. You knew it would be a disaster but you didn’t say a word. You still haven’t,’ she wrote. ‘You let me make my own mistakes. And let’s face it, there have been a few.’

The mum of three also discussed the lessons she’s learnt. ‘You were right when you said I had to be back by midnight. There is nothing to be gained from staying out late. Only trouble. Or herpes,’ she admitted.

‘You stayed at home when we were little, to have tea on the table for five o’clock and make our sandwiches for school,’ she movingly wrote. ‘I didn’t appreciate it then. But I see you now, quietly picking up after us, as I yell angrily up the stairs at mine to “MAKE YOUR BEDS AND FOR GOODNESS’ SAKE PICK YOUR PANTS UP OFF THE FLOOR”.’

Katie finishes off her letter with an adorable ‘I love you, Me x’. We weren’t expecting this from Katie AT ALL, but we’re pretty moved. *sobs hysterically*

Lauren Clark