The controversial star has undergone the procedure she exclusively told Now about last year

Katie Hopkins is in recovery after undergoing a serous 12-hour operation on her brain.

The 41-year-old star went through the operation on Monday and, despite it taking longer than expected, has already posted her first Tweet from her hospital bed.


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‘A tweet from the High Dependency Unit to give you bad news.Even 12 hours in surgery and the removal of part of my brain has not shut me up,’ Katie joked to her Twitter followers.

The surgery began at 9am on Monday and was not complete until 9pm that night.

Doctors were attempting to find and possibly remove the lesion in Katie’s brain which has been the cause of her epileptic fits since she was 19.

The former Apprentice star’s agent says that even though it was ‘a little trickier than the surgeons expected’, Katie’s tests have come back positive and she’s doing well.

‘Katie just wants to thank Mr [Andrew] McEvoy and his brilliant team of surgeons for doing such a great job,’ agent Sylvia Tidy-Harris tells MailOnline.

It’s come as a huge relief to Katie and husband Mark as the procedure carries serious risks if complications prevail, including impaired vision and speech deficiency.

The controversial star had walking tests, speaking tests, and x-rays on Tuesday which were all successful and she has since spoken to her children India, 11, Poppy, 10, and Maximilian, 7, on the phone.

It comes after Katie spoke exclusively to Now about her plans to have the operation last summer and admitted she was frightened about it.

‘There are many risks with it, so I’ll get the [TV] show out of the way first,’ she explained at the time ahead of her new programme If Katie Hopkins Ruled The World.

‘Sometimes people imagine my life is like ‘ta-dah!’, but everyone has their things and this is mine. That’s okay, though. It’ll be okay.

‘Can you hear how many times I keep telling myself it’ll be okay? It will be okay. I’m just scared of the moment when I’m talking and I know my brain is exposed. It’s like f***!’’

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