Katie Hopkins opens up about the planned procedure that could end her 20-year struggle with epilepsy

When it comes to Katie Hopkins, 40, weakness isn’t a word many would associate.

The outspoken Celebrity Big Brother star is infamous for her cutting comments to celebrities, vile remarks about Ebola and branding of migrants as ‘cockroaches’.

But beneath her razor-sharp tongue; the mum-of-three is fighting her own fears that could see her family facing a future without her.

‘I’ll get my TV show out the way before my open-brain surgery,’ Katie exclusively tells Now.

After developing epilepsy 20-years-ago and suffering ever since, if successful, the planned procedure she’ll undergo would stop her seizures for good.

But it doesn’t come without huge risks.

‘[My epilepsy] is nocturnal and I only suffer at nights, incase people are wondering why I’m not fitting all over the place,’ Katie tells us. ‘During the surgery I have to talk and move my left hand and left leg while they’re operating – because where they go in [to the brain] is near those things. So that’s a fear, but that’s only a physical fear so I need to man up a bit.’

When quizzed how scared she is, the usually outspoken star opened up even more about the life-threatening surgery.

‘There are many risk with it, so I’ll get the show out of the way first. Sometimes people imagine my life is like ‘ta-dah!’, but everyone has their things and this is mine. That’s okay, though. It’ll be okay. Can you hear how many times I keep telling myself it’ll be okay? It will be okay. I’m just scared of the moment when I’m talking and I know my brain is exposed. It’s like f***!’

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