Katie Hopkins made the comments in a video clip in her new show, If Katie Hopkins Ruled The World

Katie Hopkins is famous for disliking…well, basically everyone, but in the latest episode of her talk show If Katie Hopkins Ruled The World, she took aim at some specific people – the fat, the stupid and the Welsh.

Katie’s tirade came after she put forward a rule that everyone should tell the truth, all the time. To see how that idea played out, Katie sat hidden in large box in a shopping centre, while passers-by were asked to give their opinions on the Hopkins herself.

Needless to say, she didn’t get glowing reviews.

‘I’m a big believer in people having strong opinions,’ she said, before stepping into the box. Really, Katie? We’d never have guessed!

One man described Katie in mild terms, calling her ‘blunt and rude’, but it was a Welsh woman who really stuck the boot in. ‘I think she’s a disgrace to Britain… I don’t know how she doesn’t get death threats on a daily basis!’ she said.

Inside her box, Katie giggled: ‘Ooh, Welsh!’

Another woman declared: ‘If I looked like [Katie Hopkins], I wouldn’t be talking about anybody.’

Katie had a nasty shock for the public, though, as she stepped out of the box just as they delivered their verbal blows. Back in the studio, she said the experience was ‘fun’, and that plenty of people said they agreed with her.

‘Everyone who was really anti was either fat, Welsh or stupid,’ she said. Well, at least she knows how to spot a Katie Hopkins hater…

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