With Kerry Katona and Calum Best on her talk show, Katie Hopkins gets a tattoo despite not liking them

Katie Hopkins has got an opinion or two on some topics, so it’s not surprising that she’s got one about tattoos as well.

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Having said in the past that if you want to make it easier for yourself to get a job, ‘then don’t get a tattoo’, she’s now only blooming gone and gotten a tattoo. And you’ll never guess of what.

With tattoo fan Kerry Katona on the show, the 40-year-old queen on controversy previously has commented on tattoos being socially seen as ‘graffiti’.

‘I really think if you have a tattoo you have to wonder about what kind of future you have ahead of you.’

‘I think as an employer I certainly wouldn’t employ someone with tattoos, I’d worry what my customers would think of them.’


Fellow guest on Katie’s TLC talk show, If Katie Hopkins Ruled the World, Calum Best, could’ve probably guessed Katie’s stance on body art having spending time with her in the Celebrity Big Brother House: ‘I lived with her for a month, and she kept going, ‘anyone with a tattoo can’t get a job.’

Katie’s obviously not seen Tattoo Fixers. (Our fave FYI)

Despite all this though, Katie Hopkins now has a tattoo of her very own. Yup.

Wanting to explore both sides of the argument, Katie headed to a tattoo parlour and got herself inked with the slogan – you’re not even ready for this – ‘Don’t Get a Tattoo.’


Emblazed on her back, Katie sure put her money where her mouth is!

With 34-year-old mum Kerry having many tatts herself, she said that if she had to make a rule, it’d be ‘Think Before You Judge the Ink.’ We like it!

‘I think they’re so beautiful, and people get judged so quickly.’

You can catch all of this on TLC’s If Katie Hopkins Ruled the World at 10pm – we’re itching to see Katie’s piece of body art!

Amy Lo