We're guessing Katie Hopkins isn't going to be tuning into this year's all new judging panel then!

Another day, another opinion from Katie Hopkins. Are we surprised? No. Are we going to talk about it? Yes.

The target of Katie’s words this week is no other than judges of the re-vamped X Factor.

Last week, the world’s worst secret was finally confirmed that Nick Grimshaw and Rita Ora would be joining Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and Simon Cowell on the judging panel of the Saturday night TV show.

But while the rest of the nation is pretty pumped up about the whole thing, and think that it’ll be a breath of fresh air, Katie is not so sure. Surprise surprise.

Writing in Closer magazine this week, the 40-year-old former Apprentice contestant didn’t have the nicest things to say shall we say, about Rita and Cheryl’s role on the show.

‘Rita is probably so thick she’ll think she’s still on The Voice and sit the wrong way round.’ Harsh. If the X Factor were to start having spinny chairs, we wouldn’t hate it.

‘Cheryl is just a doll – but you’ve got to admire someone who makes a living from being a Disney Princess.’

Erm, what happened to Girl Power?! We need to stick together!

And to be honest, we wouldn’t mind being a Disney Princess – pass us that crown…

Although Katie’s obviously doesn’t seem to be a fan of the people who will be scouting out for new talent up and down the country, she does think this makeover in the judging panel will give the desired effect that Simon wanted and rake in the ratings. For the time being anyway…

‘The X Factor will get great ratings – especially for episode one when everyone will want to see the new judges – but then it will die on its arse.’

A battle between Simon Cowell and Katie Hopkins – we’re not sure who would win!

‘If you can’t answer: ‘Who won last year?’

Chico was last year…right?

Katie might not be tuning in when The X Factor returns, but we can’t wait! Our Saturday night-ins will be restored!

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Amy Lo