Katie Piper visits Durham prison


In a recent Channel 4 documentary The Secret Millions, Katie Piper was given Lottery money and sent to Durham prison with charity Acumen Trust, which rehabilitates prisoners – and had to decide whether to donate to their cause.

‘As a victim of crime, I thought there was no chance I’d be able to relate to the immates – and even refused to take part at first,’ says Katie, 29.

‘But after spending time getting to know people, I realised that, while they’d made terrible decisions in life, they’d been victims of their upbringings. 

‘Did you know 90 per cent of criminals re-offend becasue having a criminal record makes it hard to get employed? 

‘That’s why Acumen Trust is vital, so that when criminals are released they aren’t just judged on their mistakes.’

Read Katie Piper‘s column in Now magazine dated 22 April – out now!

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