Katie knows Thandie must have gone through a tough time

Now’s life guru Katie Piper admires Thandie Newton for talking abut her brave bulimia battle.

‘Thandie Newton‘s revealed she suffered bulimia when she was in an abusive relationship back in the 90s,’ says Katie, 29.

‘I’m sure she’d rather forget those horrible memories, so 
I admire her in her aim to help other sufferers.

‘Thandie‘s experiences show that even those who we think have perfect lives share the same problems we do.’

Katie also read about 46st Georgia Davis in the news and hopes she gets help.

‘It’s tragic – three years ago she slimmed to 18st at a US boot camp, but put it all back on again and now, at 19, she’s housebound.

‘We’re often afraid to criticise, but being 
too fat or 
too thin 
can both be dangerous.’

Read Katie Piper‘s full column in Now magazine dated 8 April 2013 – out now!

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