After getting married, Katie Piper opens up about how life has changed and plans for baby number two...



Katie Piper’s story is one that everyone wanted to have a happy ending, and now, eight years after her ex boyfriend arranged a savage acid attack, resulting in over 100 subsequent surgeries, the 31-year-old has the life she once feared she’d never have. Blissfully married to carpenter Richard James Sutton, and mum to the couples’ adorable two-year-old daughter Belle Elizabeth, Katie is not only the go-to presenter for a number of prime time TV shows, she’s an author, and has established a charity, The Katie Piper Foundation, which endeavours to make life easier for people with burns and scars.

After marrying in November last year, Katie opens up to us about how she’s really I finding married life, and whether adoption is still on the cards when it comes to having a second child.


Katie, you and Richard and now over halfway through your first year of marriage, did you celebrate the six month mark?

[LAUGHS] I think we were like: ‘Oh six months, we’ve made it!’ Actually, we did celebrate the other day, as we’ve been together for five years and that was special, knowing each other all that time. I’ll think we’ll wait for the actual paper anniversary before we celebrate being married.

Do you feel any different being married?

I thought I wouldn’t feel any different because we had a baby and were living together, but I felt so different, it’s really weird. And I don’t know why because I’m not really like a mushy person, but it does feel more final and definite. It’s strange, because you don’t feel like you could love anybody more than what you already love them, but it does make you more in love, it’s almost a different feeling. It’s hard to describe, but I guess it’s more that the certainty that everything’s gonna be alright. I love that because we have a child as well, it’s like we’re a proper unit. Whatever happens now to me, I won’t have to go through it alone, even though I never have because I’ve got my own family, but when you’ve grown up and got your own family, it’s just a different feeling of security.

What do you love the most about Richard?

I love that he’s romantic, but my favourite thing about him is that he’s my best friend. I can always turn to him and he’ll always be there, he’s a really consistent person and for me after everything that happened, I really wanted that stability. He’s exciting as well, but I don’t want some crazy person who’s unstable, so for me that stability was really important.

Last year you said that if you had problems conceiving, you’d be open to adoption. Is this something you’d still consider?

Always – even before we had Belle, we both knew that we wanted to have children, so we said, naturally or adoption, either way we would be open to it. It’s the same with a second child, if it didn’t happen naturally it’s something that I would consider, as there are so many children out there who do need adopting and it would be crazy not to. You get lots of people who have been adopted and they have a fantastic life and still stay in touch with their family as well as that situation allows.

One of the reasons that might have prevented conceiving was that you were living off vitamin shakes instead of food due to scarring in your throat. Are you still taking those?

No, last year was such a bad year, I was in and out of hospital having throat operations, and lots of meds and the liquid diet. You know now when I go to a restaurant, I never chose soup ever again! It was awful having to be on a liquid diet and thankfully that’s over now – touch wood, the last time I had surgery was December and I haven’t had any since then. And that’s really significant. The only thing I can’t eat is red meat as that is hard to digest and swallow, so I try and stick to cereal, grains, quinoa, soft fish, vegetables, those kind of things.


How do you think Belle will take to being a big sister?

[LAUGHS] I don’t know, we were talking about this the other day, because obviously she is the first grandchild and everyone loves her and are buying her new things, giving her attention. But saying that, on Friday my friend came over with her six-month-old, and Belle loved it. She’s at that age where she likes dolls, so she had the baby on her lap and was trying to brush the baby’s hair, even though the baby’s bald! She’s quite a caring, cuddly child, so I think she might deal with being a sister well. Although it’ll be hard for her now she’s used to being top dog!

Can you tell who she’s more like out of you and Richard?

She is like her dad, loud and chatty, although I’m quite loud as well. I think she’s a good mix of both of us, she’s outgoing and confident, if not a bit stubborn as well, so maybe she’s more like me!

You’re currently working with Special K Nourish, what made you want to be part of the campaign?

When they first got in touch I was really scared, I was worried they’d make me wear the red swimsuit, I don’t have the body for that! I’m so excited as the campaign really resonates the message that I believe in and put out through my charity – it’s about empowering women and inner strength, which is what I live my life by and feel passionately about. It’s not abut weight loss, it’s about getting the best out of your day with the right vitamins and nourishing your inner self. All the women on the shoot have had to overcome adversity in some way, and really had to dig deep to find their inner strength. It was such a good day, these women have been in unthinkable situations and are such trailblazers, but just get on with life. It’s great to learn their coping mechanisms, it’s really inspiring and motivational.

Katie Piper is an ambassador for New Kellogg’s Special K Nourish, a nutritious combination of flakes, clusters and seeds to feed your inner strength.