TV star Katie Piper reveals the scars of her vicious acid attack no longer affect her


As a new mum, Katie Piper has certainly found a fresh lease of life.

In her most candid interview yet, the TV star has revealed she no longer gets saddened by the permanent scars left after a vicious acid attack back in 2008.

Inspirational Katie – who gave birth to baby daughter Belle Elizabeth in March last year, six years after her thug ex-boyfriend Danny Lynch raped her and arranged the acid attack on the former beauty queen – has now revealed just how much she has moved on since the devastating incident.

Incredibly, she is no longer affected by the disfigurements.

Katie, 31, captioned an instagram picture of herself during recovery from the attack: ‘When I look in the mirror, my scars no longer upset me,’ she added, ‘They just remind me I am stronger than the person who tried to hurt me.

‘We all have scars whether they are on the skin or the soul. Remember only those who survive wear scars. Next time you look in the mirror repeat to yourself I’m proud to be a survivor.’

Katie was just 24 when her ex organised for a man to throw industrial-strength sulphuric acid in her face.

He approached her on Facebook, but two weeks into the relationship, the couple booked into a hotel in Bayswater following a meal out, where Lynch raped, beat her and stabbed her several times in the arms.

They went back to her flat in Golders Green, London and she got medical treatment, but she was too scared to tell doctors what had really happened.

Two days later, he persuaded her to go into an internet cafe to read an email he had sent to her Facebook account, but outside her flat a man in a hoodie approached her.

She thought the man – Stefan Sylvestre, who Lynch hired to carry out the attack – was going to ask for money but instead he threw the liquid in her face.

Katie said: ‘When the large cupful of acid hit my smooth, soft, line-free skin, trickling down my throat and partially blinding me, he almost succeeded in extinguishing the last of the old Katie. Almost.

‘In the aftermath, I was horrified by my own reflection, barely recognising the image of myself in the mirror. I would play back memories of all the relationships I’d ever had, trying to ingrain in my mind what it felt like to hold hands, to kiss.

‘I was sure I’d never be attractive to anyone again, never be intimate. Never be loved.’

Fast forward nearly seven years and Katie is engaged to carpenter James and the former model is currently hosting Bodyshockers on Channel 4, where she inspires people across the country struggling with their own disfigurements.

In the programme, the TV star crosses paths with people dealing with a wide range of issues, spanning from regretful boob jobs to missing cheeks.

Addressing her fans on Instagram on Monday, Katie said: ‘Even in our darkest times things truly can get better. For everyone who feels like they are stuck in a dark place – please keep the faith.’

No wonder she continues to inspire so many…

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