With her little girl growing up fast, Katie plans to be honest with her about what happened


Katie Piper has always talked about the horrific acid attack she suffered with honesty and dignity and she’s already planning how to tell her daughter about it.

The 32-year-old star suffered severe burns and scarring in 2008 when her ex Danny Lynch arranged for sulphuric acid to be thrown in her face and has since had to have regular operations and procedures.


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Currently she has tubes in her nose to help her breath through it.

Now Katie has noticed her 2-year-old girl Belle becoming aware of things about her appearance and thinks she’ll have to talk to her about what happened in the near future.

‘She’s going to be 2 in March so she’s talking and laughing,’ says Katie.

‘It’s coming up, I can feel it. We were on holiday last week and she pulled my nose tubes out and threw them across the room!

‘She’s noticing different things so I’m sure, as she starts to put more sentences together, maybe she’ll ask things but that’s fine.’

Katie isn’t worried about discussing the incident with her daughter though and plans to be as upfront as ever about it.

‘I’m just going to be the same with her as I am with everyone in my life,’ she tells ITV’s Lorraine. ‘It’s just part of me and who I am.’

Bravo, Katie! The campaigner seems to be in a great place right now, having tied the knot with partner Richard James Sutton in November, and she posted lots of adorable pictures from their sunny family vacation last week.

Katie clearly dotes on Belle but isn’t sure yet if she’ll have more kids in the future.

‘I don’t know. I think it’s a blessing to have the one,’ she admits.

‘I’d sure she’d love a sibling. I’m one of three and I know it’s so nice to have those relationships.’

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