Eat up Katie Piper! She's working hard to regain the stone she lost in two weeks...


TV presenter Katie Piper sparked shock weight loss fears last month when she lost over a stone in just two weeks after throat surgery complications forced her to stay in hospital and miss her daughter Belle‘s first birthday.

This week, Katie reassured fans she was feeling much better, after celebrating her fiancé James’ 31st birthday and mingling with A-listers including Scarlett Johannson, at the Avengers Age Of Ultron premiere at Westfield London, and tweeted that she was putting weight back on.

Enjoying gaining the weight I lost far too much!’ Katie tweeted, also admitting she loved treating herself at night to cups of ‘white hot chocolate‘.

Last month, after missing Belle‘s birthday and promotional commitments for her book, Beautiful Ever After, Katie broke the news on Twitter that she was ‘very ill,’ after pain and vomiting following her routine throat surgery, of which she’s had over 60 operations, and revealed:

It’s been very painful and I’ve lost a stone in 15 days so I had to come in and be monitored. A stone is a lot and I look like a skeleton but hope to be back home and back to normal ASAP – all fun and games.’

Yesterday, Katie was back in hospital for more surgery on the tears in her throat to remove fibrous thick scar tissue from the horrific 2008 acid attack when she swallowed acid and her oesophagus was badly damaged.

But the model mum’s surgery was successful this time and Katie tweeted a reassuring photo of her smiling sweetly from her hospital bed to fans, adding: ‘All went well should hopefully be going home same day! Thanks for all the lovely msgs and good luck and lots of love to my other followers who R in hospital today x‘ [sic]

She later added:

‘Thank you for all the lovely message guys and girls! Back home now recovery and having TV marathon catch up! X’

We wish you a speedy recovery Katie!

Amy Brookbanks

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