Katie Price's first facelift has sparked an important debate amongst fans.


Katie Price has taken to social media to show off the results of her very first face lift- sparking a heated cosmetic surgery debate amongst fans.

The 39-year-old mother-of-five has taken to her Twitter to share with her whopping 2.14m followers a video detailing the process and result of her first face lift- which she received just five days ago.


The video was posted to Pricey’s account yesterday afternoon, with the caption: ‘So excited to share the results of my first ever facelift! Thanks @LBPSPlasticsurg for looking after me. So pleased’.

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During the video, the Loose Women panelist tells the camera: ‘Hi guys I just want to let you know I had a facelift last Friday, this is five days after. That’s right – a facelift’.

After describing the ins and outs of the procedure, in which Katie will receive a follow-up tightening treatment in six weeks time, the lady then told the camera: ‘I know you all think I’m mad, I am mad, but I’m preventing ageing’.

And, whilst Katie is very happy to share her experience with cosmetic surgery, she’s managed to receive a rather mixed reaction amongst her followers.

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Whilst some have praised the 39-year-old for being so transparent about her cosmetic surgeries, others have been slightly more critical.

One user has replied to Katie‘s video with a message which reads: ‘Ageing is a privilege denied to many. You should be embracing it not fighting it’.

Another has shared a concern for the message Katie could possibly be sending out to younger fans.

However, others have been a more supportive of Pricey and her choices in cosmetic surgeries.

Writing of Katie’s openness on the topic, one user shares: ‘Tbf at least the girl’s honest about it!’.

Another writes, ‘Omg give the girl a break , it’s called a thread lift and what’s wrong with preventing ageing? Get a grip’.

Whilst it’s very important to support people in their choices concerning their own body and surgery, we also think it’s very important to love our natural bodies too.

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Alice Perry