She’s been editing out any ‘flaws’ on Princess and Junior too

In a world where most of us manipulate our Instagram images, even just to put a flattering filter on them, we’re used to seeing celebrities’ every flaw removed.
But Katie Price has gone one step further, regularly editing her childrens’ faces using apps like Facetune to smooth out their skin and whiten their eyes and teeth.
Katie, 38, is no stranger to parental controversy and already faced backlash at Christmas after allowing her 8-year old daughter Princess to pose with heavy stage make-up on and posted the pictures to her Instagram account.

But what these images also show, when they’re compared to paparazzi shots from the same day, is how much Katie has edited them. In one picture the whites of Princess’ eyes have clearly been whitened, her skim smoothed and even the proportions of her face look like they may have been altered to make her eyes seem bigger.

And its not just Princess. In this shot of Katie with her ten-year old son Junior, she’s tampered with the whites of his eyes, whitened his teeth, smoothed his skin and even added a pink tinge to his cheeks. The picture caused concern amongst her followers on how heavily edited the pictures were, commenting ‘Too much editing’, ‘This is airbrushed so badly’ and ‘I’m sure he’s a cutie without the touch ups.’

So has she gone too far this time?