Fans are not happy

Katie Price’s fans have accused her of setting son Harvey up to be targeted by ‘nasty’ trolls online.

Katie Price

The 40-year-old was criticised for giving trolls ‘ammunition’ after she shared a picture of the 16-year-old wearing comedy glasses and a big bow tie.


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The shot, which featured a smashed iPad in the background, was captioned ‘Morning’ followed by three frog emojis, in reference to Harvey’s favourite animal.

But her fans were quick to question why she had shared such an image.

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Morning 🐸🐸🐸

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One said: ‘This is unfair to Harvey. Katie must know he’s going to get hate,’ while another added: ‘Shocking how much his mum tries to make him look like a fool for social media attention.’

A third said: ‘Well cute! Would be cuter for just his close family and friends could see this to avoid people trolling! This comments for you Katie! Get his Instagram locked down to private if you want Harvey’s law to be taken seriously, you are giving sick trolls ammunition!’

And a fourth added: ‘She’s doing this so people can troll then she gets on her high horse and gets them done. Poor lad.’

Katie Price

But there were some fans who defended Katie, arguing that trolls shouldn’t stop Harvey sharing what he wants online.

One said: ‘I think you are all missing the point. Harvey has learning difficulties and disabilities… he loves dressing up…

‘Kate is showing you an inside picture of a child like Harvey for you all to see what a child with his problems life is like…

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@mrharveyprice 💓

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‘So respect the fact that Kate is not hiding Harvey away…’

Another added: ‘Harvey is her child and she is proud of him and if she wants to post, let her be.’

Katie has been fighting to make online abuse a criminal offence, creating Harvey’s Law in 2017 on behalf of her son after he was targeted by vile trolls because of his disabilities.

Harvey is partially blind, autistic and has Prader-Willi syndrome.