Good luck, Kate!


Katie Price has decided to cut out booze this month as part of a major new year health kick.

Katie Price

The former model is keen to turn her life around in 2020 after being left ‘repulsed’ by some recent holiday snaps.

A pal told The Sun Online, “Katie knows she let herself go a bit over the last year – especially over the summer when she was drinking and partying way too much.

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“For Katie this is the perfect time to detox and get herself back to her best.

Katie Price

“She had a really quiet and sensible Christmas and carried that on over New Year in Thailand.”

They added, “Now she wants to keep it going through January by not drinking and eating really healthily – which is something she tends to do anyway.

“Katie isn’t doing this for anyone else. She just wants to feel better in herself.

“She is only a week in but has already been saying how much more energy she has.

“Most of her friends don’t expect her to last the month – but she is determined to prove them all wrong.”

Katie, who has just returned from a trip to Thailand with her eldest son Harvey, is reported to have already lost a stone prior to the holiday amid her financial woes.

A source revealed, “Katie’s dropped around a stone in two weeks, it’s really worrying.

“She’s rushing around all over the place, and is really stressed out. She hasn’t cooked a proper meal in weeks and is practically on a liquid diet.

“Even when she went to Sheesh the other night she only ate a couple of prawns and a bit of meat. Normally, Katie loves junk food and takeaways so everyone’s really worried.”

Don’t take the diet too far, Katie!