Jordan's halfway to fulfilling her dream of cracking the US


Dozens of paparazzi swarmed around Katie Price as she set foot on American soil last Wednesday.

She was joining her new husband Alex Reid, who’d jetted into the US two days earlier to shoot scenes for his Bravo martial arts show The Fight Of His Life.

This time Katie, 31, made sure that all photographers’ lenses were focused just on her. She’s still as determined as ever to crack America and to that end is happy to be snapped constantly – including having her hair and nails done on Thursday.

This will be Jordan‘s fourth visit in just over a year and each time she gets more exposure,’ says Now’s source. ‘She makes sure she keeps in with the gossip columnists like Perez Hilton.

She’s tried in the past to get acting parts, but she thinks she can crack it just by being herself, a rival It girl to the likes of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan – just with more plastic.

‘She sees no reason why she can’t be just as big as the Beckhams have been, as she’s going for a different market.’

Jordan also has to keep an eye on her latest client – hubby Alex, 34. After forcing him to ditch his manager of 12 years, she now has full control of his diary.

‘She’s already vetoed a nude shoot he’d lined up for gay magazine Attitude, which in Jordan‘s eyes was too close to her territory.

She doesn’t want him muscling in on her popularity with the gay community – in fact, she doesn’t want him as popular as her, full stop,’ says our insider.

See the full story about Katie Price and Alex Reid in Now magazine – out now!

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