That's one way to turn things around...


Katie Price is planning to take her career stateside, by becoming a Real Housewives star.

Katie Price

The former model was recently declared bankrupt, and wants to launch a version of her reality show My Crazy Life in the US alongside her boyfriend, Kris Boyson.

Apparently, Katie reckons she could be the next ‘Real Housewives’ star and has even flown to New York with Kris and his mum to try and persuade him that a move to America is the right thing to do.

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A friend of Katie’s told The Sun, “Katie doesn’t think America has seen anything like her before and that she could do really well over there.

Katie Price

“Katie also needs a fresh start in the New Year so living somewhere else would really appeal to her.

“She has jetted into New York in a bid to show Kris what an amazing life they could have there together.”

The pal added, “It has opened Kris’ eyes up to a new world which was part of the reason for the trip.”

Another source previously said, “Katie has been saying that after everything that has happened to her in the past few months that her future might lie elsewhere.

“She loves America and would love to film some of her new TV show. She thinks US viewers would like her and it could be a way of making money.”

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But, despite thinking the answer to her problems is to move across the pond, her five children – Harvey, Junior, Princess, Jett and Bunny – are stopping her from taking the leap.

“The biggest problem is the kids,” the source added. “They are young and are in school and Katie knows it would be a massive upheaval.”

And with her mum having been diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis in 2017, it would be difficult for Katie to be so far away from her.

The source explained, “Katie would also miss her mum. But Katie has been increasingly miserable in recent weeks so thinks a new start might be good for everyone.”