Jordan and her new husband line up his’n’hers procedures...


Katie Price went back to visit her beloved cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills while she was in the US last week as it’s been four months since her last Botox injections.

She also had her hair extensions re-done and has promised to go blonde by the end of the year for maximum shock value.

You can expect more plastic surgery for both her and Alex this year.

However, Alex, 34, won’t have the final decision on his procedures – Jordan, 31, will and he’s too scared to say no.

Here we look at what they might consider having done over the next 12 months…

Jordan wants…

Botox injections, collagen and facial fillers every four months

Nose job: She still thinks it’s too big

Maintenance on £40,000 dentures

Breast augmentation: She’s worried that her last reduction has made them sag over time

Leg liposuction: She thinks they look like tree trunks

Alex wants…

Botox and fillers: To keep Jordan company while she has hers done

Ear pinning surgery: Jordan is said not to be a fan of the jug-eared look

Rhinoplasty: A nose reshape after it’s been broken in fights

Chest reduction: A lack of training has caused excess skin

Stomach lipo: Jordan’s also complaining he’s too flabby round the midriff

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