Katie Price and Katie Hopkins may be out of the Celebrity Big Brother house, but the fight is well and truly ON

We’d be lying if we didn’t admit that we were left open mouthed in shock when Katie Price and fellow housemate Katie Hopkins instantly became best buds when they met in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

But, phew! Normal service has well and truly been resumed since they left the Channel 5 show.

In fact, Katie H and Katie P have donned their boxing gloves and come out fighting big stylee. Stuggling to keep up with all the hateful exhanges? Don’t worry, we’ve put together a blow-by-blow recap on what has been said so far…

Round 1:

Katie Hopkins said Pricey sat around the house ‘holding her boob which was falling out and stank of dead people’


Katie Price swung back at Hopkins saying she has ‘a very unfortunate SpongeBob figure and her skin is covered in unsightly moles’. Pricey also said Hopkins had ‘foul smelling breath’ and ‘skin like a rhino’


Round 2:

Back in the ring, Katie Hopkins said Pricey ‘did nothing and said nothing in the house’. Hopkins said ‘she’s rubbish in a group situation. She disappears.’

Pricey fought back calling Hopkins ‘a sore loser’ and ‘someone who will always be in the shadows.’

Round 3:

Katie H left-hooks Katie P, branding her ‘a very thick individual with nothing to offer.’

Katie Price refuses defeat and responds ‘she likes to think I’m thick and don’t have an opinion but she forgets that she’s been around for five minutes while I’ve survived 20 years in this industry.’


Round 4:

Hopkins strikes Price with a heavy blow saying ‘the only thing she can do is dress up and play Pricey – doing sex-related stories about a variety of husbands.’


Price blocks the punch and says about Hopkins ‘when it comes down to it she’s only got one act – bully – and she struggles to pull it off with wit.’

Round 5:

Katie Hopkins tweets ‘Pricey. Funny – for one so cheap.’ She then tells Now in our exclusive video that she feels sorry for her husband Kieran Hayler, saying: ‘He must wonder what’s happened to his life, that at 27 years old he’s effectively unemployed and has become the carer for five children, a handful of chickens, three dogs and five horses.’

Pricey is yet to respond to this latest hit, but has she been KO’d by Hopkins? Or has she got a sucker punch lined up to bring Hopkins down once and for all?

Pricey did find the time to criticise Hopkin‘s apparent delusion that she’s ‘becoming a style icon’, saying: ‘That’s fine if you like the Country Casuals-in drag look’.

Watch Katie Hopkins discuss the Pricey’s upcoming wedding renewal ceremony, and even share some possible vows she could use.

Read what Katie Hopkins also has to say in this week’s Now magazine. It seems this fight is far from over…

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