It spelt the end for Peter and Alex – now friends believe Katie Price's decision to renew her vows with love rat Kieran will destroy their marriage

As Katie Price said: ‘I do’ for the seventh time, those close to her spoke of their fear that renewing her vows with love rat husband Kieran Hayler could spell the ‘kiss of death’ for her marriage.

Now’s been told friends advised Katie, 36, to give her relationship with 27-year-old Kieran time before rushing into the much-hyped ceremony – but she chose to ignore them.

‘Katie’s obsessed with the “happy ever after” and thinks renewing her vows will help fix their relationship,’ reveals our source. ‘But she seems to forget she tried this with both Peter Andre and Alex Reid. And on both occasions, the marriages were over just six months later.

‘She’s always been a romantic. If there’s ever any sign of trouble in her relationship, her default mode is a big outward show of affection to prove everything’s hunky dory. The curse started with Pete when everything started falling apart and it was the kiss of death. It put them under too much pressure at just the wrong point.

‘She did it with Alex too and even on the day things weren’t great. When they went on honeymoon to Thailand, there were times they were barely speaking.’

Katie’s hung on to her two-year marriage to Kieran despite him cheating with her best pals Jane Pountney, 50, and Chrissy Thomas, 41, while she was pregnant. But despite warnings from friends and family – and the fact bookies are taking bets that the marriage will be over in a year – Kieran wants to make it work, too. ‘He’s keen to do this to prove his love for Katie,’ says our source. ‘He spent ages writing his vows, but the reality is they’re putting their relationship under the microscope again. It’s a recipe for disaster.’

Relate relationship counsellor Denise Knowles agrees. ‘No matter how romantic the day itself is,
it’s very naïve to think that a big wedding will fix everything,’ she says. ‘If, like Katie, someone has
a track record of multiple failed marriages after renewing their vows, I’d suggest they’re using
it as a plaster to try to fix a relationship in need of nurturing.’

By contrast, Katie’s first husband Peter, 42, seems to have learnt his lesson from their marriage. He and his fiancée Emily MacDonagh, 26, have been together since July 2012 and have a one-year-old daughter Amelia, but have agreed to take things slowly, with Emily insisting she finish her medical degree before they tie the knot.

Peter said recently: ‘We know we want to be together but we know it’s important to do things at the right time. We have a baby, we love each other and when we get married, it’ll be because we’re absolutely ready.’

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