Katie Price's new column is all baby talk with Prince William and Kate expecting - and baby Bunny of course!


New mum Katie Price has given some advice to Prince William and Kate after they announced news of royal baby number two.

‘I feel terrible for Kate suffering from severe morning sickness and having to announce they pregnancy before the safe 12 week mark,’ Katie tells Now. ‘I had it during four of my pregnancies – morning, noon and night! – and I also couldn’t find a remedy. Hopefully, she’ll be feeling better soon and be able to enjoy her pregnancy.’

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Katie also gives Kate and Wills some advice on having two kids under the age of two – and she should know with one-year-old Jett and her new baby daughter Bunny to look after!

‘I want to wish them good luck in having two little ones under the age of two. I know what’s it’s like. It brings challenges!’ Katie says.

Giving an insight into life at home with baby Bunny, Katie tells Now, ‘As for our new baby girl, Kieran and I take it in turns to do the night feeds and I’ve read that Prince William does them too, so I expect he’ll be there to help Kate out as much as possible.’

And Katie tells Now she’s on a mission to get her body back into shape.

‘Now that I’m getting a bit more sleep and feeling half human again, I’ve started a little physical activity to get the heart racing,’ Katie says in her column. ‘I’m doing gentle workouts with Kieran and will build up to five times a week in the gym at home.’

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Yesterday, news broke that Katie had finally given her baby daughter the cutest name – Bunny!

‘It’s really cute, isn’t it?’ Katie says. ‘I considered it being spelt ‘Bunni’ with a heart above the ‘i’, but I don’t think that’s really a part of the English language! I love Duchess Kate, though, so I’ve told Kieran that if we have another daughter that will be her name! I think it goes well with Princess. She would have been Duchess Kate of Brighton!’

Bring on baby number six!

Read Katie‘s full column in this week’s Now magazine, dated 22 September 2014 – and download it here.