Jordan's car was caught speeding

Katie Price has blamed her fiancé Leandro Penna after she was banned from driving for a year.

The glamour model’s white Range Rover was spotted going over the speed limit on 5 and 6 September in London last year but Katie claimed it must have been her other half Leo at the wheel – as she always drives a pink vehicle.

‘We checked it out and we saw it was the white Range Rover and I said, “Oh well, it definitely wasn’t me, because I have got the pink one and I always drive my pink Range Rover“,’ said Katie, 34.

‘I know it was Leo, he was the only one who drove that car, he didn’t have another car to drive.

‘Because I got my pink car that year, I am obsessed with driving my pink car.’

During the case, which was heard at Bromley Magistrates’ Court, Katie also claimed that she hadn’t been aware of receiving the 2 speeding notices in September 2011 – or the reminders in November – as her mum sorts her mail for her.

She only learnt about them when she was sent a court summons a few months ago.

‘Her mother is tasked with dealing with her post and has been responsible for so doing for a number of years,’ District Judge Julia Newton told the court.

‘Responsibility to respond rests with Miss Price. If she delegates duties relating to post to another, whilst it may seem draconian, if that system fails, the responsibility rests with her.’

The mum-of-three was convicted of failing to give information
about a driver’s identity and was handed a £400 fine, plus £350 costs
and a £15 victim surcharge.

As Katie already had 6 points on her licence and received 6 more, she was banned from driving for 12 months, but this has been suspended pending an appeal.

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