As she slams rumours of a Kavana collaboration, Katie Price reveals she’s releasing her OWN music

Katie Price has hit out at her pal and former Celebrity Big Brother co-star Kavana over suggestions that they’re recording a duet together.


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The mum-of-five is fuming after Kav – real name Anthony Kavanagh – was quoted in The Sun as saying that he’s penning a track with Katie, despite also saying that she ‘can’t really sing’. Um, awkward.

Kav said: ‘We’ve decided to do a duet. I mean, God bless her, she can’t really sing, can she? But I’ve said to her that I’ll get her in the studio and make it sound good.

‘It’s going to be a Nineties dance track with a Nineties vibe. Trust me, it’s going to be a great song. We’re writing it together. She loves to sing.’

This did NOT go down well with Katie and the 37-year-old star has slammed the duet claims in an Instagram rant against Kav. Oh, and she’s also dropped the bombshell that she’s planning to release her OWN music.

‘I did a favour 4 @kavana_official by appearing in his music video as a favour when he asked but NEVER discussed doing duet with him,’ she writes.

‘and this is something that will NEVER happen as infact I’m in studio recording my own tracks solo

‘this is why I hate doing favours as it always ends up me being used and getting hurt #nevergiveup #hardtotrustanyone’

Eek! Katie and Kavana hit it off when they were both housemates in the CBB house earlier this year and Pricey recently appeared in the video for Kav’s tune Deja Vu.

But things have clearly turned a bit sour between them now and the row has caught the attention of their fellow Celebrity Big Brother star Perez Hilton, who commented on Katie’s Instagram post: ‘I would not f**k you over! Perez always did right by you! And you always did right by me!!! ❤️ u!!’

Kavana has since responded to Katie’s comments and claimed that he never said the comments.

The singer insisted he was misquoted, having posted a Tweet reading:

Let’s hope these two can work it out!

Anna Francis