Pricey split Loose Women viewers with her confession


Katie Price has revealed that she goes to extreme lengths to protect her children by VERY thoroughly checking their phones.

The glamour model confessed on Thursday’s Loose Women that she goes through the mobiles of Junior, 12, and Princess, 10, when they’ve gone to bed and doesn’t let a single thing go unnoticed…


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‘I go through the kids’ phones with a fine tooth comb, they’re not even allowed to have their own password,’ Katie, 39, told panellists Andrea McLean, Nadia Sawalha and Jane Moore.

‘I have to know their password, and what I love best is when they’re in bed, I sit there and I go through their phones and I have to know everything, from the pictures to the messages.’

Katie’s not afraid to take action when she sees something she disapproves of and admits to BLOCKING girls who’ve messaged Junior after being shocked at the content.

‘There are some girls on Junior’s that I have blocked, the things that 13-year-olds would send 12-year-olds, I can’t believe they do it,’ she explained.

‘So I block them, I go on his notes in case he’s saved their names and that, and then I tell him, I say I’m not having girls like that send you stuff like that.

‘Princess is different, she’s not in the same mind-set as Junior at the moment because she’s 10.’

Katie has also ordered Junior and Princess – who she had with ex-husband Peter Andre – to be very protective of their privacy.

‘I make it clear to them that they never send people pictures of anything, I make it all private,’ the mum-of-five revealed. ‘And then I go through their history, their recently deleted so I can see everything that they’ve done.’

Katie’s strict method of checking what the kids have been up to means that they face losing their phones if she finds anything inappropriate.

The parenting technique split Loose Women viewers on social media.

Many praised Katie for being so vigilant, with one commenting: ‘Well said @KatiePrice – that’s how it should be, good for you’

‘I agree with katie 100% the world is such a different place now with social have to protect your children when you can,’ another said, whilst one added: ‘Totally agree i do it with my kids’

Others weren’t entirely in favour of the TV star’s decision to monitor the kids’ phones though.

‘Really? You claim to trust them – and yet check their phones every day? That’s not trust, that’s obsession and distrust,’ one viewer Tweeted.

And another posted: ‘I wouldn’t threat to take phone away as it’s good she has for emergencies I feel taking away I would worry about her if out with friends’

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