Rough night?

Katie Price may have been nursing a sore head this morning after she was pictured looking bleary-eyed during a night out on Thursday.

The 40-year-old was reportedly so drunk she had to be escorted out of a Soho bar by security because she was unable to walk herself.


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Photos from the night out show Katie being propped up by a security guard as she made her way down a set of stairs at London’s 100 Wardour Street.

According to onlookers, Katie was ‘clearly drunk’ when she left the bar at 10.30pm as her ‘annoyed’ boyfriend Kris Boyson watched on.

katie price kris boyson

‘Katie and Kris left the bar just after 10.30 and Katie was clearly drunk,’ an eyewitness told The Sun.

‘She stopped on the stairs and was swaying while Kris walked ahead. Kris seemed agitated and annoyed.

‘When they got to the top of the stairs Katie had to be helped by a member of security.’

The eyewitness added: ‘She linked arms with him to steady herself but before going outside she had to tell Kris she needed to stop again.

‘He told her to sort herself out and then he walked out ahead of her to the car while she followed behind holding on to the security guy.’

katie price

Katie’s apparent boozy antics may cause more tension in her relationship as it comes after she and Kris reportedly ‘rowed constantly’ during a recent trip to Spain.

The couple reportedly fought over ‘everything’ during their break to film her reality series My Crazy Life.

‘Katie and Kris have been rowing the entire holiday over pretty much everything,’ an insider told The Sun.

‘Katie has been working so hard on the reality show, she’s been snapping and grumpy with Kris, and in turn he’s been playing up to the cameras.

‘He doesn’t normally drink, but had an afternoon on the beer with Katie’s stepdad – and she accused Kris of attention seeking when he put it all on social media.’

The source added: ‘The source continued: ‘She’s also jealous of all the girls who comment on his pics and message him, while he gets bored when she facetimes friends at home and her exes about the kids.’

CelebsNow has contacted a spokesperson for Katie for comment.