Can you see the ghouls?


Katie Price – former glamour model, Celebrity Big Brother winner, panelist on Loose Women and… Ghost Hunter?

Yup, that’s right, Pricey found herself mixing with the spirit world on Tuesday as she shared a load creepy pictures of ‘ghouls’ in her Sussex mansion.

Katie Price

Taking her Instagram followers on a journey through her at-home ghost hunt, the 39-year-old claimed she could see a ‘little boy’ and a ‘demon’ in the darkness. Spooky, right?


In one of the snaps, there appears to be a small child standing by the wall, as she wrote: ‘Omg so shocked to capture so much with just a phone for a camera when Ghost Hunting with @MrLeeRoberts around my house!

‘So many ghostly figures and strange apparitions, some we could easily explain, but these are some of the best ones.’

Another blurry pic shows what-looks-like a figure in her mirror, which she captioned: ‘I took this of my mirror when in my bed looks like a profile of a demon’.

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Before asking her fans: ‘What do you reckon?’

I took this of my mirror when in my bed 👻looks like a profile of a demon 😱what do you reckon ?

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The LW lady also posted another picture of her mirror, claiming she could see ‘a massive face’, as well as ‘a long black dress’.

And in one last snap, the telly star even added there was an outline of ‘a little boy’.

Another one of what looks like a little boy ! All these in my house

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Well, we’re well and truly freaked out… And it looks like we’re not the only ones as fans rushed to comment on the snap, agreeing they could spot the ghosts as well.

‘Omg I can see him!’ said one follower, while another agreed: ‘That is scary!’

Although, it’s safe to say not everyone was convinced by Katie’s images, and when the star claimed she could see a ghost which looked like her in the mirror, one user hit back: ‘It’s looks like you because it’s a mirror?!’

‘Erm is that not just called a reflection. Said in a hushed voice ‘that’s what mirrors do’,‘ another joked.

While a third said: ‘Can’t see anything’, and a fourth simply wrote: ‘You just need to clean your mirrors…’ 

This isn’t the first time KP has opened up about spooky goings on, as last year she revealed a psychic told her that ghouls have been attracted to her ‘aura’ for 20 years.

‘Most of my houses are haunted’, she said on Loose Women. ‘When I’ve had mediums rounds they say it’s me. I have an aura around me…’

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