Celebrity Big Brother’s biggest rivals have gone head to head again after Katie Hopkins dubs Katie Price 'a nobody with a pair of t*ts’

Katie Hopkins made no secret of the fact that she was not a Katie Price fan during their time together in the Celebrity Big Brother house, branding her ‘boring’ and claiming she wasn’t worth the TV show’s fee.

And in a chat with Now, Hopkins did not hold back on her opinion (as if she ever would).

‘There’s no part of Katie Price that deserved to win,’ she tells us. ‘She’s dull as hell. She has no opinions, no conversation to offer. She’s just a nobody with a pair of t*ts – and they weren’t a good pair, anyway.’

‘I’m not sure there’s much going on in that little head of hers,’ continued Katie. ‘Normally she has someone to put special clothes on her and everyone goes, “oh that’s marvelous!” But when she’s solo or in a team situation she doesn’t know what to do.’

But Pricey‘s ‘boring’ personality wasn’t the only thing Hopkins gave her thoughts on: ‘I took over Katie Price‘s column [in The Sun] because it was sh*t. So I took her job, which was good.’

Hopkins has also been asked to write Pricey‘s speech for her upcoming vow renewal to husband Kieran Hayler, but it seems she isn’t so supportive of the ceremony: ‘She’s been married 3 times but had 7 weddings and she’s had her wedding rings made into a bracelet because there’s no room for the next bloke.’

Ouch! Perhaps Katie P has changed her mind about Katie H writing those wedding vows now?!

Hopkins continued the Pricey bashing on Twitter after leaving the house, writing:

‘Pricey bored the t*ts off me in #CBB. Today, she had her dodgy ones removed by the surgeon. Is that karma?’

But KP has been sending out some cryptic tweets of her own, which we’re guessing are aimed at her loud-mouthed rival:

‘A fire requires oxygen to stay alight and be angry, take away its oxygen, it’ll eventually quieten down and disappear.’

A fan responded to Pricey, writing ‘True! She’ll get bored soon and start picking on people’s disability again x’; while another tweeted, ‘And by fire, you mean Katie Hopkins, right?’

Yikes! We don’t think this feud will end any time soon.

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