Jordan admits making money from organised photos

Katie Price reckons lots of stars collude with paparazzi photographers and pose for fake ‘candid’ shots that are sold to the tabloids.

She struck a deal with the enemy herself after the end of her marriage to Peter Andre.

‘I did it once when I split with Pete and the paps were everywhere, and I thought f*ck this, I’m going to do my own picture,’ admits Katie.

I did it and got 50 grand for it and it went in the Sun, and I thought: “F*** you lot, I’ve got the picture so piss off.”‘

Jordan, 32, now married to Alex Reid, believes it’s good business to profit from obvious opportunities.

I think anyone who does set them up is smart,’ she tells The Guardian.

‘No one should have a problem with that ‘cos it’s part of the game.’

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