Jordan fears being left alone as Alex threatens to walk

Katie Price has confirmed that her marriage to husband Alex Reid is in danger of falling apart.

After a Sunday newspaper’s revelations about their troubled relationship, Katie posted a response on Twitter. 

To answer my fans questions news of the world did a accurate story sunday about our marriage in crises ..always look on bright side xx’ she Tweeted yesterday.

The glamour girl has started to panic that she’ll soon be single again.

Despite months of arguing, their latest bust-up proved a real wake-up call after Alex did something he rarely dares to do: stood up to her.

Now can reveal that bullied Alex, 35, has told Katie her recent trip without him to Vegas – the city where they married less than a year ago – was the final straw.

She’d told him she was going to LA for a few days but after a mammoth eight-hour hair appointment in Hollywood she flew straight to Vegas to watch pal’ Amir Khan in a world championship fight – and that seriously riled her husband.

Alex was fuming when he heard she’d gone to watch Amir,’ a source close to the couple tells Now.

He pointed out that she’d never even been to Vegas before she met him, nor even watched a fight, and now she was going without him.

‘It doesn’t help that he knows she fancies Amir to bits and they’ve been linked after being seen on a night out in the summer.’

In an attempt to get back at his wife, Alex finally stood up for himself and – shock horror – went out on his own.

Our insider says: It was his way of getting back at her. He thought: “Two can play at that,” and went out on the town, flirting with every girl he met.’

Even when Katie, 32, returned, Alex continued to make a stand.

The night after she got back he went to London celeb haunt Mahiki, where he spent the night surrounded by women and was pictured cosying up to SugababesAmelle Berrabah, 26.

Adding fuel to the fire, he mutinously ran up a £30,000 bar bill on Krug champagne and Baileys cocktails.

Alex has finally had enough,’ says our source.

He’s fed up with being told what to do and being treated like dirt. Usually the only woman he’s allowed to talk to is his mum.

Jordan would even tell him off for chatting to the checkout girl in their local shop.

Now he’s flirting with other women – in full view of the paparazzi. It’s taken long enough but he’s saying: “I want to give her a taste of her own medicine.”‘

With Alex making such a public stand being pictured with various beautiful women, it looks like his ploy has worked as Katie’s now terrified he’ll leave.

She’s realised everyone has their limits, even Alex,’ says her pal.

They rushed into things and she thought they could be a brand, like her and Peter Andre – but it’s failed miserably.

She’s used to being in control but now she’s scared of being alone.

‘Even her best friend Gary Cockerill has his partner Phil [Turner] and they’re totally loved-up.

‘She’s petrified of being the third wheel when out with her coupled-up mates.

‘She’s never been happy single.’

Maybe under all that hair, make-up and surgery there’s a real person.

Just admit you’re vulnerable like everyone else, Jordan: it may be your last hope.

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