Alex’s CBB stint swayed the opinion of a nation - or did it?

Jordan was on the verge of dumping Alex Reid when he entered the Celebrity Big Brother house, but now she’s delighted to be his wife.

She knows how well-liked by the public Alex, 34, has become and she’s hoping popularity will convert to pounds.

‘She isn’t that embarrassed of him now,’ says a friend. ‘She plans to make a fortune from it.

Jordan, 31, was booed at the National Television Awards on 20 January but pals say that Alex could be just what she needs to get her career back on track. She’s even claiming some of the credit for his success on CBB because he’s associated with her.

Jordan‘s concerned about her career and she’s realised Alex could help the public get over “her and Pete” and they could earn a lot as a couple. The irony is he can help her more than she can help him now.

Jordan‘s desperate for a Hollywood career and with Alex now chums with Vinnie, Stephen Baldwin and Stephanie Beacham, she thinks she’s on to a winner. Stephanie‘s even invited 
Alex to go and visit her.’ 
But how receptive the Hollywood elite will be to Jordan remains to be seen.’

Reid it and weep: What Now Readers say:

I think Alex Reid is really a soft, caring man. I’ve seen a different side to him in Celebrity Big Brother, although I adore Peter Andre – he is the best father in the world. Alex will never be good enough for Jordan.

She’ll always want more. She had everything any woman could wish for when she had Pete. Alex won’t replace him, but he does his best. Though that won’t be enough for Jordan.

Alex is a really nice guy, he is being portrayed as something he isn’t. I think he and Jordan make a great couple. Good luck to them both.

Alex is truly awful. Jordan‘s making a big mistake having anything to do with him. Like Kerry Katona and Mark Croft, it affects her image. People think: ‘Blimey,
 is that the best she can get?’ After Peter, it’s dragged her image right down.

I actually know an ex-girlfriend of Alex and we begged her to dump him.

Alex is hot. Even though I’m not a fan of fake tan, I wish it had been me spraying him and not Nicola T. Jordan‘s a lucky woman.

What do you think about Alex Reid? Let us know.

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