Jordan felt vulnerable without her rock by her side

When Katie Price split from Peter Andre, she also lost her manager.

After the break-up in May 2009, Claire Powell decided to continue managing Pete, but not Jordan, and the glamour model says she was very upset.

‘When I split with Pete, Claire stayed with Pete,’ says Katie.

‘The only thing that hurts is Claire never sat down with me and said – and you know I’d been with her six years – she never said: “You know what Kate, I’m going to help you find someone else, I’m going to help protect you.”‘

Katie, 32, was close to Claire and found it tough to deal with the media storm without her.

Pete‘s there posing with the kids, doing everything, ah poor Pete poor Pete,’ Katie tells The Guardian.

‘I had no one to represent me, I was like a lost lamb, I had no representation to help protect me, nothing.

‘Whereas Pete was protected straight away. So that gave him a lead, it was like: “Oh f*ck it, let’s pick on Kate, she’s got no one representing her so now we’ll attack her and attack her ‘cos she’s got no one to fight back.”‘

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