Katie’s post-surgery drama continues…


Katie Price jetted off to Turkey last week to reportedly undergo a facelift, a tummy tuck and liposuction, all for a fraction if the price the procedures would be in the UK.

Katie Price

However, since going under the knife Pricey’s post-surgery wounds have reportedly become infected, with the stiches oozing pus.

Katie allegedly even had to call an out of hours doctor to her home, with an insider revealing: ‘It was a cut behind her ear that got infected and was leaking. It was horrible.’


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Speaking to The Sun they added: ‘She thinks it’s because she had her hair done before she went out the other day, even though she was told not to shower or get her scars wet.’

Now it’s been reported that KP is growing more and more worried about the rate her wounds are healing, having joked that her ears could fall off if things don’t improve.

An insider close to the reality star said: ‘Katie’s face is being very slow to heal. Her immune system is very low and she’s constantly worried it’ll get infected after both her boob and her face got infected in the past after surgery.

‘She’s concerned the scars around her face aren’t healing quickly enough – she’s even joked her ears might fall off.’

Despite the speculation surrounding the surgeries, the mum-of-five took to Instagram yesterday to claim she is set to look ‘amazing’ thanks to the operations.

Alongside a sultry snap of her posing in a tiny white bikini, the former glamour model boasted: ‘Regardless of media comments about my latest surgery this was me two weeks ago and I’m going to look amazing your see!’