Katie Price's ex Leandro Penna says she is obsessed with WAGs and was controlling and jealous of younger girls when they were together

Katie Price has never lost her fixation with Victoria Beckham and wishes she was a WAG, according to ex Leandro Penna.

Argentine Leandro, 27, recently split with Katie after 20 months together.

Katie is very jealous of all WAGs because she sees their lifestyle as safe – whereas she doesn’t feel safe,’ he tells Reveal.

Victoria Beckham makes her very angry. It’s not because of her success but because she’s married to a rich footballer. Katie wants a WAG life.

‘She’s jealous of her friend Danielle Lloyd and says things like “Her husband gave her a Bentley.”‘

He says her jealousy went beyond Victoria Beckham and other footballers’ wives.

‘To begin with things were good, but then Katie started to get very, very jealous,’ he says. ‘If I was going to the gym, she’d say: “Are you going to try and look sexier? Who are you trying to impress?

‘Women will try and grab you.”‘

‘When I went to college to learn English, she said other female students – younger than her and without children – would try it on with me.’

Katie’s spokesperson says: ‘It’s a shame that Leo is going down this route but Katie does not want to have a tit for tat argument about this.

Katie cared for Leo deeply but relationships end. It is time that they both move on and if this is how Leo feels that should be easy for him.’