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Katie Price’s friends reportedly think some time in jail is the only way she will get back on the straight and narrow following her brush with the law.

Katie Price

The 40-year-old was recently given a three-month driving ban and £1,500 fine after she was convicted of being drunk while in charge of her £75k pink Range Rover.


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But according to reports, her pals think that she should have been locked up for her conviction, as it’s the only way to snap her out of her ‘reckless behaviour’.

‘Katie will never learn from her mistakes if she keeps being let off the hook,’ a friend allegedly told Closer magazine.

Katie Price

‘She laughs everything off and has admitted she doesn’t feel scared of behaving recklessly because she always seems to wriggle her way out of it.’

Her friend even claimed that the dismissal of her charge for drink driving has left her feeling ‘invincible’.

The pal added: ‘She always tells people to ‘never underestimate the Pricey’ and sometimes feels as though she’s invincible.’

But Katie’s circle of friends are now said to be growing concerned about her behaviour.

Katie Price

Her friend added: ‘Deep down, they can’t help feeling she should be in jail. As harsh as it sounds, they’d secretly hoped a stint in prison would be the shock to the system she so desperately needs to turn her life around. They’re scared about what might happen to her now.’

Following Katie’s guilty verdict last month, she spoke to journalists outside Bexley Magistrates’ Court in Kent.

She said: ‘I just want the truth to be known. I was never drink-driving despite everyone saying.

‘It got proven today there was no evidence at all of me drink-driving, I was never drink-driving so I rest my case on that.

‘But yes I was convicted because I had the keys and I was in the car and in charge of the car.’